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                         Nick Arrizza , a former Medical Doctor and Psychiatrist,
                Is the Developer of the Powerful Mind Resonance Process® (MRP)
For More Information on MRP Watch These Videos or Read The FAQ Section Below

Self Empowerment and the Mind Resonance Process® (MRP)

What is MRP?

What does MRP involve?
How does MRP work?
What is Life Force Energy?
MRP is a self empowerment process.
Who can be helped by MRP?
What is MRP used for?
Can I learn to use MRP myself?
Is there any link between MRP and spirituality?
What can I expect from using MRP in the long term?
Who is most likely open to trying MRP?
Is there anything else I should know about MRP?
Is there any more information I can get on MRP?
How can I get an experience of MRP?
What if I have other questions on MRP?

What is MRP?

MRP is a uniquely powerful new process and personal development tool developed
by Nick Arrizza, a former medical doctor and psychiatrist, in 1999 that is administered over the
telephone or Skype.

MRP is a new revolutionary empowerment process like nothing you have
ever experienced or heard of before that helps you take back your life by rapidly building:

Self esteem, self confidence, self worth, self image, sense of adequacy, assertiveness,
resilience to stress, performance, focus, concentration, energy, health & well being, intuition,
spiritual and personal empowerment, motivation, emotional stability, sense of security, peace
of mind, happiness, joy for life, enthusiasm, emotional independence, emotional self sufficiency,
courage, public speaking ability, social competence, emotional maturity, self trust, discernment
ability, positive attitude, creativity,
leadership capabilities, creative abilities, a feeling of groundedness and
centeredness, enhanced motivation and enthusiasm, one’s personal energy levels, one’s relationship
life, emotional awareness and inner knowing, a connection to their higher self, one’s ability to remember
and effortlessly express their true authentic self and much more.

What does MRP involve?

MRP involves a teachable simple question and answer process that empowers you  to become
more consciously aware of and permanently erase deeply buried false beliefs that anchor other
limiting negative thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions and behaviours into one’s unconscious
mind, body.

How does MRP work?

Without realizing it most individuals lives are restricted by a repertoire of subconciously held limiting
beliefs based on early pre-programmed life experiences that rob them of their Life Force Energy, their
full capacity to be and feel alive, an experience of their true authentic and empowered self.

These beliefs have what is called a negative magnetic polarity and by definition are life depleting in nature
i.e. they siphon off one’s Life Force Energy from their mind and body thereby severely incapacitating
them and their ability to fully manifest a successful and abundant life here. By doing so this negativity
also is largely responsible for all the other negativity one experiences and draws (through the Law of
Attraction) into their lives.

What is Life Force Energy?

Life Force Energy is essentially the energy that gives your mind and body life, the capacity to function,
their optimal structural integrity and their form. It is also what is responsible for and imbued with many
of the positive qualities many search for during their lives and often feel deficient in, i.e. self esteem,
self confidence, self worth, inner peace, inner strength, resilience, energy, courage, a feeling of wellness,
a focused and positive mind, the ability to discern, inner truth and knowing, a sense of purpose, passion
for life, clarity, creative abilities, charisma, attractiveness, and so on.

As one goes through their life here they experience limiting events that then become stored in the mind/body.
The imprints of these events create subconscious limiting beliefs that behave as what I call “Life Energy Parasites”
that serve to deplete one’s Life Force Energy. This leaves one feeling deficient of all of the necessary positive qualities
their Life Force Energy affords them.

MRP is a self empowerment process.

MRP takes the view that an individual is an empowered individual who simply has become unconscious
and has forgotten who they are and what they are capable of. In that light there is nothing to “fix” rather
MRP coaches the individual into consciousness so that they can embrace the awareness of their true
nature and live a fully authentic and empowered existence.

MRP is a unique process that has nothing to do with any other modality known
on this planet. MRP makes an individual more conscious
discerning and empowered authentic human
by helping them become free of any and all limiting subconscious programming and therefore able
to fully express their buried creative potential.

Who can be helped by MRP?

Anyone of any age who can read and write can learn MRP. As MRP helps to erase any and all limiting
programming stored in the mind/body and as all individuals carry such energy “parasites” within then
any and all individuals can benefit from MRP.

What is MRP used for?

MRP can be used to address anything that limits one in the personal, social, relationship, career, wellness
and spiritual spheres of their life.

The Mind Resonance Process® (MRP) has been powerfully transformative for:
Self Sabotage                           
Poor Motivation                      
Limiting Beliefs About Money
Fear of Abandonment
Leadership Issues
Toxic Relationships               
Fear of Rejection
Giving Your Power Away
Public Speaking Fears           
Feelings of
Self Doubt

Negative Thoughts                 
Women's Empowerment
Work Life Balance                    
Negative Self Talk
Need to Please Others

Infidelity & Heartbreak            
Purpose of Life Issues
Losing Identity In Relationships
Self Esteem                               

Need for Validation 
Neediness of All Kinds          
Personal Empowerment      
Sports Performance Enhancement

Authentic Self Expression
Resilience to Stress & Negativity

All Friendship Issues              
Law of Attraction
Making Healthy Relationship Choices
Spiritual Enlightenment         
Positive Mind                     
Subconscious Mind Programming
Controlling Behaviours       
Self Trust
Feelings of Inadequacy
Feelings of Humiliation

Negative Behaviours               
Love Relationships                                         
Dating Challenges                
Feeling Unworthy of Success

Feeling Stuck In Life
Failing Relationships
Fear of Committment

Positive Attitude                      
Negative Attitude                    
Negative Outlook
Generating Abundance         
Generating Wealth                  
Success Generation
Feeling Inadequate               
Feeling Defective    
Creating the Life of Your Dreams
Feeling Deficient                     
Feeling Unattractive               
Relationship Conflict            
Feeling Trapped in Traditional Roles

Anger Issues
Self Worth                                
Self Respect

Men's Emotional Development
Wealth Generation                   
Self Confidence
Needy Behaviors

Fear of Being Alone              
Need for Approval
Old Emotional Baggage
And much more....

Can I learn to use MRP myself?

Although MRP is a simple exercise to administer the ability to effectively use it for one’s self depends on
the degree of conscious self awareness that one has developed over a period of time through the facilitation
of a more conscious person. In essence with another’s assistance MRP over time helps one gain a greater
sense of discernment and consciousness that will kick start the ability to employ it one’s self.

Is there any link between MRP and spirituality?

Yes, although the word “spirituality” as defined by the general population has connotations that are not fully
aligned with the unique experience that MRP yields. In place of the word “spirit” I prefer to use the phrase
Life Force Energy because it is an experience that is readily available to each individual and which they can
relate to.

In my view, when one’s Life Force Energy is fully installed and integrated with the mind/body/energy field that it belongs
to then this is the culmination of the so called “spiritual enlightened state” that many have been searching for here on the
planet. In my view this is supposed to be our natural, normal and divine state. It is also something we all realize as the truth
of who and what we are in our Hearts and very much desire to have it restored.

What can I expect from using MRP in the long term?

You will experience changes in how you know and experience yourself as well as major changes occurring
in the choices you make in your life. This will be accompanied by a greater clarity and discernment about
the benefit and/or detriment of any choice that faces you. This will all arise out of a greater feeling awareness
that emerges and will be felt emanating from and through your Heart.

You will experience greater peace, calmness, confidence, self esteem, self worth, resilience to all stresses in
your life, a greater feeling of presence and aliveness, a greater sense of well being, greater passion for life,
more energy, an awakening of your true life’s purpose, the ability to know your truth and live it courageously
in the face of any criticism or judgement.

Who is most likely open to trying MRP?

It has been my experience that individuals who find their way to MRP have been looking for a solution to
what ails them for a long time, have been frustrated or disappointed by everything they have tried before
yet have not given up and have therefore ultimately made a conscious choice to live. When one makes
such a choice it is my view that they “tune” themselves to the frequency “channel” that is the same frequency
of the Life Force Energy and the MRP process. This tuning seems to immediately connect them with this process.

If this resonates with you, as you seem to have found your way here, try the following:

Place one hand over your Heart and as if you are speaking from there simply affirm to your self that this
resonates with you, then notice how you feel there.

Is there anything else I should know about MRP?

Yes. You must be prepared to have your entire view of yourself and your reality brought into question.
MRP will leave you irreversibly transformed and you will never see life in the same way again. With more
MRP work you will find your life changing in ways that in the past you might have never foreseen or
expected were even possible.

This will often also be associated with what I call an emotional or energetic detoxification that can feel
turbulent at times. In spite of this your inner strength and resilience will grow progressively and immeasurably.
You will find that your sphere of relationships will start to change spontaneously as some individuals will
leave and new individuals will enter your life. Your sense of well being will invariably improve.

You will find yourself making what may have seemed major changes in your life effortlessly and from a
Heartfelt knowing that your new choices are not only right for you but necessary.

How can I get an experience of MRP?

Simply click on:

Free Introductory MRP Telephone/Skype Consultation

Follow the instructions and Nick Arrizza will get back to you with 24 hours to book
your Free MRP Telephone/Skype Consultation.

What if I have other questions on MRP?

Feel free to contact me at and
send me your questions.

About Nick Arrizza

Nick Arrizza, a former Psychiatrist and Medical Doctor, is  the developer of the empowerment  modality

known as the Mind Resonance Process (MRP).

He is the Author of: "Esteem For The Self: Restoring the Divine Holographic Energy Field With The Mind Resonance Process (MRP)"

As a former psychiatrist Nick Arrizza was trained in and has practiced extensively many different modalities of therapy including

hypnotherapy, EMDR, psychotherapy, psychosynthesis, imagery, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, short term psychotherapy,

interpersonal psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, etc.

After almost 2 decadess in psychotherapy practice he realized that true empowerment came from a unique energy which many have

called Life Force Energy (LFE). LFE is the source of all one's positive resources i.e. self esteem, self confidence, self worth, resilience, inner

wisdom, peace of mind, ability to make discerning self respecting choices in all areas of life, clarity, focus, sense of purpose, and much more.

He realized that LFE is progressively "knocked out" of the mind/body during one's life by negative events that become stored in the

mind/body energy field as negative memories.

He was subsequently able to develop a powerful  empowerment process, that is accessible to anyone who can read and write,

which permanently deletes any/all negative memories, thoughts, feelings, or behavioral programs thereby literally bringing depleted LFE back

into integration with the mind/body.

This is essentially the process of coming back to life. This process he called the Mind Resonance Process® (MRP).

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The Mind Resonance Process® (MRP)
About Nick Arrizza

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